San Francisco

Located in historic Jackson Square, our office is as unique as our backgrounds. We are an unlikely crew from all parts of the US, a handful of countries and a diverse set of professional backgrounds. We speak Mandarin, Spanish, English, and some occasional gibberish, depending upon the time of day. We are connected by our passion for the product, our customers and the excitement of creating something new in the world. And we have great snacks. Come join us.

Spencer Arnold

Sustainability & Cultural Specialist

Christian Benavides

Facilities Manager

Lesley Clifford

Director, Merchandising

Kerry Cooper

President and COO

Gina DeMatteo

Customer Experience Associate

Ann deSaussure


Catherine Fenelon

China Business Development

Celine Fort

Social Media Associate

Stephen Hawthornthwaite

Founder & CEO

Lauren Hopton

Project Manager

Heather Howard

VP of Operations and People

Janine James

Customer Experience Associate

Corinne Johnson

Customer Experience Manager

Mini Kurhan

Design Consultant

Fuhan Li

Visual Designer

Yen-Hung Lin

Technical Designer

Erin Lowenberg

Creative Director

Roth Martin

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Eric Monroe

Director of Planning & Distribution

Elisa Montiel

Executive Assistant

Alison Noda

Customer Experience Associate

Louise Qi

Finance Manager (China)

Ashlee Rice

Graphic Designer

Ulion Riebe

Director of Finance

Jenny Robinson

eCommerce and Digital Advisor

Lauren Taflinger

Director of Production, R&D

Gigi Teutli-Vadheim

Site Experience Manager

Hailey Van Vorhis

Customer Experience Associate

Lacey Young

Community Lead

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