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Teach For America gets an A+

As the hustle of Thanksgiving winds down, we strive to approach the rest of the holiday season with just as much generosity and gratitude—particularly on one of our favorite days of the year, Giving Tuesday. This year we are overjoyed to announce our support for the incredible non-profit Teach For America.

Teach For America’s primary focus is addressing educational inequality (which is the gap that low-income students and schools face every day with less-than-ideal resources and opportunities). At Teach For America, corps members teach for at least two years in disenfranchised communities, often going on to dedicate their lives to teaching. Because of these incredible teachers, more girls and young women will have a greater chance of success in life.

Quote: "in the classroom, we speak about strong women who have impacted science history. For example, Mae Jemison — a black female physician and astronaut. By creating space for these discussions and reflections, students begin to internalize the idea that STEM is not solely for men." — Helen D., Teach For America Volunteer, New York

This Giving Tuesday, we’re showing our support for this important organization with a $25,000 donation to the Teach For America STEM program. We’re also putting 2,000 pairs of Rothy’s on the feet of teachers so they can educate students in comfort and style.

Quote: "I love being able to connect what we're learning about sustainability with a company that promotes and supports sustainability. One of the themes that we highlight is the hidden cost—to the environment, to oursleves or others—when we buy something. I love that Rothy's has a transparent manufacturing process that mitigates those external costs and values a solution-oriented model to reduce waste." —Taylor F., Teach For America Volunteer, Hawaii

And if you’re a fellow teacher who likes what you see, make sure to check out our special Rothy’s Teachers Program, where we offer educators 20% off select styles—all year long.

Grab a pair for yourself and match these incredible educators. 


Get In on the giving action

Inspired by Teach For America? Learn how to get involved—or provide a donation to support their mission!


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