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Our first 50 million.

Water bottles repurposed, that is. We’ve kept 50 million single-use plastic bottles out of landfills and transformed them into Rothy’s signature thread—which is then knit into beautiful, sustainable shoes.

We know 50 million bottles is a whole lot—110,000 pounds in weight and 6,313 miles of distance when all lined up, to be exact. So to help put things in perspective:

The length of 50M water bottles lined up is equal to…

  • A round trip from SF to NYC.
  • Driving from the East to the West Coast, and back.

Thank you for helping us hit 50 million. We’re so excited to share this milestone with you—and we’re just getting started.


Close up image of green and blue plastic water bottles.

Making a world of difference.
We’re all about transforming materials into wear-everywhere, eco-friendly products that become an indispensable part of our customers’ everyday lives. Shaping a sustainable future is at the core of everything we do at Rothy’s—and has been since day one. Take a look at our journey so far.

Illustration detailing the timeline of Rothy's.


Image with circles saying "Bottles", "Thread", "Pellets" and "Rothy's".


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